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Take Note.

Time lapsed....visitors come and go ...some has benefited
from the posts and able to analyse the effectiveness of free
predictions through the rim of time.

4d lottery predictions posted to this blog are based on
General Astrological calculation based on Zodiacs Placement,one who follow my posts should be able to confirm its credibility ,the percentage of hits on the post
date or within 21 days as stated.

The predictions are viable for all 4d games around the globe.
As for Malaysian and Singaporean,4d Lottery results can confirmed the liability of the prediction .

Regretly...the free predictions will not be avail from 08 Nov 14,only personnal predictions will be entertained,based on
Name and Birth date,its probality is far more better.

For those interested,pse use the above form to suscribe.
Thank you for your patronage.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Today's Targets - All Counters.

3ds - 261 269 169 291/1/2/6/9/?
         2619 2699 ????
         043 047 473 370/0/3/4/7/?
i~box/rolls/as you like.

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